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Airdesign Livi - EN B

Airdesign Livi - EN B
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  • Merk: AirDesign
  • Model: Livi
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
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LiVi #lightwithpersonality

“Its name was LiVi. It could’ve been Livy, and the idea of sounding like Poison Ivy, the beautiful but poisonous Batman’s foe, was tempting. But they had chosen LiVi for Light Vivo. Of course. It was the light version of the latter, not its dark side. Oh wait, that was tempting too”. Lois interrupted herself.

Being the bad guy, the big bad wolf, the villain. “Break your own rules” they said. For sure, she could’ve listed its numerous qualities: exemplary take-off, great feeling in thermal, and excellent glide ratio.

But the LiVi was more than the sum of its attributes. It’s got personality. By the way, Lois wondered: “why do people always remember the bad guys in the movies?” The LiVi definitively should be the one to be remembered. So, its pilot had better live extraordinary adventures with it, because it is the kind of glider that totally deserves it! To live the high life. Absorbing the first rays of the sun, exploring wild lands, and admiring sunsets.

Living fully. That’s what this fantastic wing, both lightweight and compact, was meant for.

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