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Airdesign VOLT 5 LTF/EN C

Airdesign VOLT 5 LTF/EN C
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  • Merk: AirDesign
  • Model: Volt 5
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Volt 5 – #speedmachine

The Volt 5 is the fifth of its name and… How shall we put it? Well, it is the second generation of the first EN-C two-liner. Put another way, it’s the first EN-C two-liner to get a second generation. Or, in other words it’s now the fifth generation of Volt but the second generation of two-liner. Or…

Anyway! Always a step ahead. Get into high gear with the Volt 5. A true EN-C 2-liner.

Volt 5 – Electrifying performance

Construction & Features

New nose guard patches on the leading edge: robustness is the key!
Delivered with 12mm aramid risers as standard. Superlight Dyneema risers available as an option (-110g)
Double-coated Dominico DOKDO-10DSF for top and bottom surfaces: durable Superlight construction
Full chord Nitinol rods to not only save weight and increase robustness, but also to ensure compact folding
Highly innovative inner construction to ensure longevity of performance. Our gliders are built to last, performance included.

The Volt 5 - A true EN-C 2-liner for kilometer hunters, hike-and-fly athletes and every pilot looking for a high-performance but accessible 2-liner while keeping a light kit. ‘Cause “nobody likes to walk with a heavy rucksack”. Just go for it!

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