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Ozone OXYGEN2 + Mousse + Karabiners

Ozone OXYGEN2 + Mousse + Karabiners
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  • Merk: Ozone
  • Model: OXYGEN2
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NEW - Updated for 2013.

The latest version of the Oxygen2 harness features a new and improved extended seatboard in all sizes for an easier transition to seated position, and better in-flight comfort. We have also updated the O2’s colour scheme for this year.

The O2 is a sleek and clutter-free lightweight harness that is easy to use, with a focus on sensitivity, comfort, and ease of use. The O2 is constructed with carefully chosen materials of the highest quality to ensure a long life span and durable good looks.

The simple layout of the harness belies the technology and innovation within:

  • A sliding seat board allows for an easy transition from standing to seated positions, making the most important parts of the flight (take off and landing) easier, safer and less stressful.
  • Confidence and comfort in the air are crucial elements of safety and pleasure – The O2 transmits glider movement to the pilot as coordinated feedback, allowing you to feel the air around you without overloading you with too much information. The feedback can be adjusted to your taste by adjusting the semi-crossbraced chest strap.
  • In the turn, the O2 is well balanced with progressive weight-shift that enables you to place the glider’s bank and keep it exactly where you want it in the turn.
  • The O2 is a versatile harness, suitable for a wide range of pilots and uses. It is an ideal harness for students and new pilots due to its light weight and easy in/out.
  • Experienced pilots will love the coordinated feel of the O2 in active air, and the progressive weight shift makes the handling of an OZONE wing even sweeter - locking into the core of a thermal has never been easier.
  • The O2 performs equally well for Soaring, Acro and XC flights.
  • The O2 is now the harness of choice for the OZONE Test and Design Team.
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to fit in a standard OZONE Bag with any wing.


  • Side pockets

  • Sliding seat board
  • Long Y bridle attachment point is included*
  • ‘Safe T’ system
  • Integral clover leaf rear reserve container (for left or right handed pilots) 17cm Mousse
  • *Please note that if choosing an OZONE Angel reserve parachute to accompany your Oxygen2 harness, you will want to order the Angel with a “Short Single” bridle. You will also need to purchase an 8mm Square Maillon Rapide to connect the reserve to the harness bridles.

Voor meer info: https://www.flyozone.com/paragliders/products/harnesses/oxygen2-plus

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