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Beamer3 light tot 130 kg

Beamer3  light tot 130 kg
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  • Merk: High Adventure
  • Model: Noodchute
  • Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
  • € 1.330,00
  • Excl. BTW: € 1.099,17
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The BEAMER 3 light is a fully-fledged BEAMER 3 but thanks to its weight-optimised materials, it is more than 400 grams lighter. As well as less weight, it also has less volume. At 1370 grams the BEAMER 3 light is one of the lightest steerable parachutes on the market.

Fast opening. Opening time is the most important reserve criterion. If a reserve has to be thrown at low altitude – and that is often the case – a single second can make all the difference. The Beamer 3’s special shape and particular folding technique help it open up to 50% faster than normal round canopies; the Beamer 3 is setting EN Test records.

Low sink speed. Assuming a reserve is open with its paraglider in a stable situation the next most important thing is sink speed. Low wing loading and modest forward speed give the Beamer 3 an unrivalled low sink rate. The EN certification authority has confirmed a sink rate of 3.9 m/s at maximum weight of 130 kg (without the paraglider). The additional braking effect of a paraglider reduces this value to less than 3m/s.

Stable flight. When developing a Rogallo our main focus is how it works with the paraglider. After reserve opening the paraglider can stay attached (the usual emergency situation – no quick release/cutaway). Here the Beamer 3 really plays its trump card, and is far superior to the smaller models on the market in this respect. After a fast opening the Beamer 3 quickly takes control. It goes into very slow forward flight and therefore does not encourage the paraglider to disturb it. The Beamer 3 achieves Its stability, among other things, by its low wing loading. This accords with our recommendation: Don’t put your trust in anything under 40 m2.

More information: https://www.nova.eu/en/parachutes/beamer-3-light/

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