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Tasklist License 2

To obtain your License 2, you must successfully complete 10 tasks required by the KNVvL:

  • Fly a correct figure of 8 within 25 seconds
  • Make two 360 degree turns within 20 seconds
  • Three target landings within 4 announced attempts
  • Taking off with crosswind
  • Creating and executing a correct flight plan
  • Flying with the rear risers
  • Flying at maximum and minimum speed
  • Make a correct reverse launch
  • Flying a correct landingcircuit
  • Flown at various take-off and landing places

Paragliding Holland, however, believes that as a licensed pilot you should have more to offer. We therefore have created a training plan aimed at making every student a safe and competent pilot. Our instruction team naturally guides you step by step through this learning process.

This training plan is included in the PaHo flight logbook so that our instruction team can keep track of your progress while teaching.

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