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What is paragliding ?

Paragliding has been developed from parachuting. In contrast to a parachute that ensures the fall is slowed, paragliding is about staying in the air for as long as possible...so we are actually flying! When a pilot gets more advanced, he can even fly along mountain ridges and across valleys, flying from cloud to cloud. We call that cross country flying.

Paragliding is the simplest and most natural form of flying us humans can do. The colourful wings are extremely reliable, elegant, and float slowly and silently through the air. And If you want, you can really push it and fly some extreme manoeuvres. The wing consists only of textile and lines: The lightweight hi-tech material fits effortlessly into a backpack, is easy to transport and weighs only six to seven kilos.

A paragliding flight is a journey for body and mind through the third dimension. Paragliding truly is the fulfilment of the ancient dream of Icarus, and gives you as a pilot the ultimate feeling of freedom.

Paragliding was initially only practiced in the mountains, but thanks to the winch method invented by our school, we can fly (whenever the conditions are good) in the Netherlands too! In addition, dune soaring on the Dutch coast has become a mature way of paragliding. In good winds you can fly for many hours above the Dutch dunes.

Come with us and experience this unique sensation!

Interesting videos

Cross country flying with a paraglider

Fabrication process of a paraglider