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25 jaar
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Doorn towing site

The towing site in Doorn is centrally located in the country, at the foot of the beautiful Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The location of the towing site is ideal for thermals and x-country flying in the Netherlands. The field itself is located on sandy soil, to the north the forests of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug begin and to the south it is clay soil. This produces good temperature differences and therefore good, solid thermals! In the spring we even had cores of +5.5 m/s. A beautiful XC route to the east is open from this site.

This towing site is only available to pilots with a L2 towing rating. We expect all pilots to have their own equipment. If you wish to rent some equipment, please contact our office beforehand to see if that is possible. Furthermore, it is the idea that the pilots actively help in the organisation of the day, which means that you are each other's start leader and also ensure that cables are retrieved in time. Ultimately, it is the intention that the pilots who fly here also become winch operators, so that there is not always 1 winchman on the ground looking up jealously all the time. In the beginning PaHo will provide a winch operator so that you can fly and work on your winch operator training.

Rules towing location Doorn
In the weekend we can climb to FL055, above which the flight path of Schiphol starts. During the week we can climb to FL045, above that the TMZ-B starts. The exact height of the approach path depends on the air pressure (flight levels are based on air pressure). We assume that as certified pilots you are familiar with your instruments and can set them correctly so that you do not accidentally fly into airspace where you are not allowed to be. We urge you to adhere to these maximum flight heights!

  • Pilots pay a constribution of € 68 including a farmer's fee, you can make as many flights as you wish. This contribution is for flying, if you need to rent equipment there will be extra costs per flight as per our tariffs. Please contact our office if you wish to rent some equipment as we generally do not have any gear with us to this field.
  • Do not leave any waste on the field, this includes cigarettes.
  • Parking is possible in front of the barn that is situated at the beginning of the field. Park in a way not to disturb other people. Please DO NOT park on the grounds of the farm and DO NOT park on the road.
  • Dogs are definitely NOT allowed on the towing field because of a bacteria that cows are allergic to.
  • There is NO toilet that pilots can use.
  • We are allowed to fly here 12 times a year and will select only nice thermic days.
  • The maximum number of people per day is 15.
  • When the take off is on the north side of the field, you are required to walk there along the edge of the field. Our quad is NOT used for carrying people due to wear.
  • We urge you not to fly low over the house of the neighbours on the north side for privacy reasons and horses on that property.

Public transport
The field is not easily reachable by public transport.

Address & route

Family Legemaat
Gooyerdijk 19
3947 NB Langbroek

Click on the map for Google Maps directions.

Orientation field

The field stretches SW - NE.

N52.017018°, E5.349269°