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25 jaar
Flying forecast

Prices towing

A tow flight costs the sum of:
Tow € 10
Coaching (if no license) € 5
Rent paraglider € 6
Rent harness, incl. reserve € 5
Field owner's fee (per day) € 8

Towing courses
Basic towing course
incl. 5 flights, logbook with training plan and theory evening
€ 425
10 flight vouchers Winch, incl. coaching and equipment rental
discount: own harness 15%, own glider 20%, both 35%
€ 255
Conversion course mountain flying to winch flying
unique fee for pilots who want to start towing
€ 25
Groundhandling with equipment from PaHo on the towing field (without coaching)
Price applicable for everyone not enrolled in a basic towing course
€ 50

Tandem flights
Tandem flight with instructor
excl. € 3 field owner's fee
€ 60
Tandem flight with instructor for tandem training permit € 50
Rent tandem glider per flight € 25
Towing with own glider per flight
Excl. field owner's fee for pilot and passenger. Introduction or commercial flights not permitted.
€ 15


  • All prices including VAT and subject to change
  • A flight voucher cannot be exchanged for money, nor used as a means of payment for other services
  • Flight vouchers are personal and not transferable
  • A flight voucher is valid for 2 years from the date of issue