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25 jaar
Flying forecast

Houten (Schalkwijk) towing field

Centrally located in the country, close to Utrecht and Amsterdam, is one of our towing fields. The location is situated beautifully near the lekdijk and Culemborg. The view from the air over the Lek and the farmland around it is beautiful! We are guests of Arie and Helma van Bennekom, who always turn their towing field into a flying party: for example, they have a beautiful paragliding terrace where you can watch all the flying activities while enjoying a drink.

Our towing site in Houten is located under the approach route of Schiphol that starts from FL055 (approximately 1700m). The exact height of the flight path depends on the air pressure (flight levels are based on air pressure) and so we handle a maximum height of 1400m for safety reasons. Due to the clay soil thermals often develop in spring are we can frequently climb that high, and in summer there are often long flights thanks to the thermals.

  • Do not leave any waste on the field, this includes cigarettes.
  • You can park in the signposted parking lot next to the winch area. Please DO NOT park in the yard of the farm.
  • Dogs are definitely NOT allowed on the towing field because of a bacteria that cows are allergic to.
  • All pilots pay € 8 per day, tandem passengers € 3 per flight, in cash, this is for land usage and facilities, we pay this to the landowner.
  • There is a toilet that the pilots can use.
  • The towing site is active from April 1st to October 31st, before and after this date the field is too wet to be used by us.
  • The maximum number of people that may be on the site at the same time is 50 (due to our municipal permit).
  • When we take off on the northeast side of the field, you will have to walk there along the side of the field. Our quad is NOT used for passenger transport due to wear and tear.
  • We urge you not to fly low over the neighbour's house on the southwest side of the field because of privacy.

Read more about the procedures during a tow. (Dutch only)

Public transport
Travel to Houten Castellum station and pick up a public transport bicycle ('OV fiets') there. It is then a little more than ten minutes of cycling, so you will already have done your warming up!

The current XC record from our towing field in Houten is 145.8km , flown by Reinier de Blois. See XC Contest for details.

Live weer Houten

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Adres & route

Familie van Bennekom
Achterdijk 9
3998 NE Houten (Schalkwijk)

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Orientatie lierterrein

Het terrein ligt zuidwest - noordoost.

N51° 58' 37'', E5° 10' 28''