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25 jaar
Flying forecast

Terlet towing field

Paragliding Holland is super happy and honored that we are welcome to go towing in the winter at the beautiful National Gliding Center Terlet! From November 1 to the end of February we can use this huge terrain for our winter activities. The winch strips are extremely long by Dutch standards (max 1400m) and we have several directions in which we can position ourselves, so crosswind should no longer be a problem. How cool is that? !!

To stay welcome in the future, we will have to behave properly and adhere to the rules of the towing terrain. Therefore, to anyone who wants to fly, the urgent request to take note of the rules and procedures regarding this towing site. In addition to the rules below, you can also download two PDFs with rules regarding flying to Terlet at the bottom right of this page. We count on everyone who comes to the towing site to comply with both the below and the rules in the aforementioned PDFs.

Rules Terlet

  • Do not leave any waste on the field, this includes cigarettes.
  • Dogs are not welcome
  • In the morning, you can find which runway we use at our flying forecast.
  • Please follow our signs from the entrance of the airport all the way to the runway, where a parking area is designated.
  • Only drive on the (unpaved) roads where our signs will guide you. It is prohibited to cross fields or deviate from this path, even if this seems a shorter route.
  • Drive slowly, prevent dusting.
  • To prevent disturbing the local wildlife, it is not allowed to walk or use a bike to get from the entrance to the flight strip. If you arrive by public transport, please hitch a ride from a fellow visitor.
  • All pilots pay € 8 per day, tandem passengers € 3 per flight, in cash, this is for land usage and facilities, we pay this to the landowner.
  • At the airfield entrance you can find restaurant / cafe "de Thermiekbel". (Possibly closed due to Corona measures, you can still use the lavatory facilities)

Read more about the procedures during a tow. (Dutch only)

Public transport
Bus stop (Line 9 Arnhem CS -> Schaarsbergen)

Address & route

Towing site Terlet
Apeldoornseweg 203 34
6816 SM Arnhem

Click on the map for Google Maps directions:

Orientation of the field

We have a N-S and a E-W strip.

N52.060635, E05.937834

Rules & procedures Terlet

Location rules Terlet
Flying to and from Terlet