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Basic towing course in the Netherlands

You can also learn to paraglide in the Netherlands! Paragliding Holland organizes so-called 'basic towing courses'. This is a beginners course aimed at people who have never done anything with paragliding. When towing, you don't start from a mountain, but simply from a flat piece of meadow. You are attached to a cable and the winch on the other side of the field then pulls you up. Once at the top you disconnect, and fly about as free as a bird.

Of course, all this happens after a thorough preliminary training and of course under radio guidance. The basic towing course is the best way to start the sport in the Netherlands. You learn the basics of paragliding, acquire extensive theoretical knowledge and also makes 5 flights on the winch. Experience a spectacular adventure in the Netherlands!

If you have done paragliding in the mountains already, then there is no need to follow this basic towing course. Simply reserve for a towing day through our website or app and select the category 'semi-advanced' and then choose the option 'conversion'.

A basic towing course only costs € 425 and includes:

  • A small class! We deliberately keep our groups small so that you as a student receive maximum attention and can therefore develop faster.
  • Equipment rental: we use the most modern flight equipment
  • Small groups and individual guidance
  • At least 2 course days incl. introduction, material knowledge, theory, set-up exercises, steering movements, landing procedure, etc.
  • 5 flights on the winch (mostly over 300 m) under radio guidance of 2 instructors; the first flight is done as a tandem flight with an instructor
  • A theory evening (flight practice, aerodynamics, meteorology), including exam for License 1
  • A logbook with detailed training plan
  • KNVvL theory book: free to download. (Only in dutch unfportunately)
  • Personal liability insurance

The first day of the course starts in our training room in Wijk bij Duurstede, after which we go outside in good weather to practice. The second day is always at one of our towing locations. After this basic towing course you can continue with a further training on the winch or participate in our mountain program and make your first altitude flights in the mountains.

You do not have to do a basic towing course before you can join a mountain course. At Paragliding Holland you can also come to the mountains as an absolute beginner and immediately have a great flying holiday! The advantage of a flying week in the mountains is that the weather there is usually less unpredictable than in the Netherlands and you are 100% fully focused on flying for 6 days. As a result, you usually get to fly much quicker than in the Netherlands. Look for more information at our basic mountain course.

Read our detailed description of the basic towing course.


Registering for a basic towing course is easily done online. Have a look at our program overview for the dates of our towing courses and the number of places available, then click on 'book online'. After registering you will receive additional information about the first day of the course by e-mail.


Basic towing course
incl. guidance & equipment rental
€ 425

Videos towing in Houten

Sander has made a nice video of his first solo flight:

A towing day in Houten:

Towing locations Paragliding Holland

Location Houten

Our towing field in Houten is centrally located in the country and in the middle of the beautiful farmlands of the island of Schalkwijk. The view from the air over the polders and the river Lek is beautiful! The towing strip is approx. 1 km long so you can get nice and high on the winch. Due to the clay soil there are regularly thermals in spring and summer, often long flights are made.

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Location Terlet

In the period from November 1 to the end of February we are guests at the beautiful and enormous National Gliding Center Terlet. The terrain has towing strips for different wind directions, varying in length from 1000 - 1400 meters. Due to the dry sandy soil, there are usually good thermals from spring. The view is beautiful and restaurant 'de Thermiekbel' is next to the field !

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