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Bassano - Italy

To accommodate our english speaking customers we sometimes organise an English only paragliding course in Bassano. All explanations will be in English! Off course Dutch speaking customers are also welcome on this trip, but be aware that the course language will be English.

We have become addicted to flying in Bassano! This super flying area is on the south side of the Dolomites and is therefore not sensitive to the ‘Fohn’wind (strong south wind). If the weather is bad everywhere, it is usually still perfectly flyable in Bassano.

We have a choice of 5 starting places, all on the Monte Grappa mountain: Stella (520 m), Costa Lunga (750 m), Col Serai (970 m), Da Beppi (767 m) and Monte Grappa (1550 m), and two landing areas. During the course we always try to fly from as many different take-offs as possible. The structure of the landscape ensures good thermals, so for the (half) advanced pilot it is therefore perfectly possible to make longer flights.

The Monte Grappa is THE flying paradise of Italy. The mountains of the Monte Grappa massif are gentle, in contrast to the more northern rocky Dolomites where you can expect much more intense and turbulent thermal conditions. In addition, the lower starts are protected by the Monte Grappa massif, so that you can still fly here even when there is a north wind.

Bassano is great for both beginners and (half) advanced pilots. The take-off and landing sites are easy and can all be reached by car: the Paho bus drives up and down to let you fly as often as possible.

We are staying in the great paragliding hotel Tilly's (see below), from where the main landing area is easily reached on foot. It is strongly advised for participants to stay at this hotel as it facilitates the organisation of the flying week. The authentic Italian atmosphere, beautiful nature, the delicious food and beautiful old towns ensure that your non-flying friends or family also have an unforgettable holiday. Bassano itself is a very nice town and Venice, Padova and Verona, for example, are an hour's drive away.

Register online

Registering for our Bassano courses is done online. Look in our program overview for the dates of our Bassano courses. After registration you will receive additional information about the course by e-mail.


6 day (beginners) course:
incl. guidance & equipment rental
€ 775
6 day only coaching:
excl. equipment rental
€ 400
Pilots with their own equipment can choose to only book guidance and rent (a part of) their equipment, see our rental rates.
Pilots with a valid flying license equivalent to IPPI 4 and pilots who have purchased their equipment from PaHo are entitled to a discount. See our rates overview.

Additional costs

  • Accommodation costs (see travel notes)
  • Takeoff fee per week: € 30
  • Shuttle rides: €7 - €13,- per flight


We will stay in the great and affordable locanda Tilly's. It would be great if we all stayed in the same hotel, it makes planning much easier. From Tilly's it is a short walk to the landing zone. For those who want to camp: there is a small camping site next to the restaurant Antica Abbazia. Please don't forget to book your own accommodation!

How to get there

The cheapest and by far most comfortable way to get there is by airplane. Both Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Venice from where it is a comfortable 1 hour train ride to Bassano del Grappa. From there you can take a taxi to our hotel in Semonzo. Off course you can also drive by car, but it a full day driving.

Download Travel notes

You will find important information about your flying trip in the Travel notes: directions, meeting point and time, telephone numbers of hotels and campings.