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25 jaar
Flying forecast

Alphen-Chaam towing location

Paragliding Holland flies in March on the towing site in Alphen-Chaam in Brabant. Last year we were also welcome here for a month and it turned out to be a nice thermal field! The field is 800 meters long and is oriented north east - south west. In March 2019 a pilot flew 46km away from this field and suddenly found himself in Belgium.

We are guests at this site so we urge everyone to behave properly: do not leave any rubbish (including cigarette butts) and park in a way that does not disturb other people. As with our other towing sites, at the end of the day you have to pay € 8 as a fee for the land owner (tandems: € 3)

Depending on the wind direction, parking is either along 't Sas or on the side of Hondseind. We put a sign with "parking" and our logo, so it should be easy to find!

Read more about the procedures during a tow. (Dutch only)

Public transport
This towing location is not reachable by public transport unfortunately.

Address & directions

Towing location Alphen-Chaam
Het Sas 14
5131 RC Alphen-Chaam

Click on the map for Google Maps directions:

Orientation field

We have a NE and a SW strip.

N51.470891, E04.984780